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Is there a land of such supreme and perfect beauty anywhere? Sweet vision! Do not fade away; Linger, until my heart shall take Into itself the summer day and all the beauty of the lake Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The enduring charm of Lake Como is the perfect antidote for any of us Europhiles still suffering the post Brexit Blues! Sophisticated but never showy, Como is the most dramatic of all the great Italian lakes. Way before Clooney moved in and invited his A-list friends, Lake Como trailed glamour and style.




The villages along the banks are stone-stepped beauties with evocative names such as Bellagio, Varenna & Menaggio. At the southern end, the market town of Como is 30 minutes by train from Milan, with a charming Centro Storico and a funicular to Brunate. The seven-minute ascent provides a wonderful panoramic view and a great place to get your bearings. To the north, the beaches of Domaso, Gravedona and Colico provide the perfect haven for water sports enthusiasts whilst the surrounding mountains offer a range of exhilarating hikes or mountain bike trails.

Want to feel like a film star, speeding across Lake Como on a private boat? The Grand Hotel, Tremezzo will fire up its own 1961 Venetian motor launch just for you. Directly across the lake from Tremezzo is Bellagio, the so-called “pearl of Lake Como” where its waterfront villas, stone alleyways, shops, restaurants and churches take the visitor back to a romantic bygone age.

Immediately next to the Grand Hotel are the exquisite botanical gardens of Villa Carlotta. Built by a wealthy textile magnate in 1690, it was given as a wedding present to Princess Carlotta of Prussia by her mother in 1843. Or drop in at Isola Comacina, Lake Como’s only island, with a restaurant said to be a favourite with Clooney and Brad Pitt.

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